Who is this woman? What is she selling?

So you’re about to give up on city life and move to the country – think a home among the gum trees, with a few chickens, tame parrots, and your own swimming hole/secluded cove. Maybe you’re commuting, maybe you’re retiring, maybe you want to find a job (who really WANTS a job, but still..).

Maybe you’re wondering, what’s it really going to be like?  Will I miss Saturday nights at the movies?  Will my spouse get on my nerves?  Can I really cope with a septic system (can a septic system really cope with me)?

Wonder no more – I’ve put together, for the benefit of incipient tree-changers (and also because I’m writing a book about it), a step by step guide to why you SHOULDN’T move to the country.  My unique qualifications? – I ‘ve left my job in the big smoke, bought a place in the bush, and staked my future nutrition on the products of a vegetable garden with lots of fennel in it and not much else.  I have no (grid) electricity, no town water, and no idea about how anything works – although I can write a mean memo.  It’ll be a breeze, right?

If you’d like to contribute your own reasons NOT to move to the country (or, inexplicably, reasons TO move to the country), feel free to write to me at englishrose659@hotmail.com.