This is it!

What do you buy when ‘For Dummies’ is pitched way beyond your level?

On this, my last day in the City, Ms M (19 year old offspring) and me went to the bookshop with our gift voucher for, well, lots, generously donated by  my work colleagues on my last day (leave already will you, we’ve given you a card, flowers, a poem, a book voucher…what more do you want!).

First we looked at the cookbooks.  No meat – we’re strict herbivores.  No cheese – we can’t afford it.  Time was you couldn’t move for vegan cookbooks, but seems there’s a new fad – so all the titles are stuff like ‘First Select Your Hog’ and ‘Food for Real Men’.  Anyway I’ve now got one called Real Food Projects, which tells you, among other things, how to make tomato sauce (First Grow Your Tomato – that’s Ms M’s job). Once you’ve got tomato sauce, that’s your food sorted.  Right?

Then we looked for  ‘Self-Sufficiency for Komplete Klutzes’ – but sadly it was out of stock and instead the shelves were stacked with ‘Build Your Own Eco-Mansion – for Dummies’ and ‘Chook Palaces: Your Poultry Deserve Nothing Less’.  Eventually settled for something that tells you how to guard your chickens against Bald Eagles and fix them up a sandpit to roll in (Happy Hens, by Organic Magazine).

So that’s the theory sorted.  Tomorrow, the practice!


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