Woman Versus Wild….

It’s war!

Watch as one impractical, highly urbanised chick who can’t change a tap washer let alone construct a fence, takes on a 52 acre property in the heart of the Far South Coast.  Laugh (at her, not with her) as she tries to live off the land, pump water from a dam and tell a noxious weed from a dandelion.  Experience the exquisite pleasure of saying ‘I told you so’ and ‘I could totally have predicted that’ as her rose-encrusted cottage falls to ruins about her ears, and climate change dries her private waterfall up to a trickle.


How little can she live on per week?  How long will it take before she packs up her gear and flees back to the city from whence she came?  Is she actually going to write stuff – or just stare out glumly at the advancing wilderness? How DO you actually build a dog fence?

What do you think? Will I make it?  Do you have any sage advice – about dog fences or anythng else?  Share your wisdom with me!


8 thoughts on “Woman Versus Wild….

  1. River Cottage Australia was really very informative (and made me want to pack up and leave Blighty, but that’s not uncommon these days). There’s been a lot of self-sufficiency shows over here, and I watch them all. Living with the Amish was fascinating, but it takes a community to raise a barn (it’s because of that show that I got into pickling and would be happy to throw some recipes your way if you want them – I also have a Facebook group if you’d like to join). Is this going to extend to rearing your own animals to sell milk, eggs, wool, etc (I don’t remember if you’re a vegetarian or not, but animals = more valuable produce then veg).

    I come from a Welsh farming family, and used to date a gamkeeper. I’m sure I’ll remember a few things that might help. Do you own a gun? Even firing into the air should be enough to ward off pests like foxes.

    Good luck! xxx


    • I don’t own a gun though my NRA supporting son is keen for me to get one – I say NO! REcipes, yes I would love them! And yeah, I”m a vegetarian, so I can have chickens for eggs (no need to kill them) and probably that’s it. Oh yes, I would like very much to join your Facebook group – how do I?

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      • I’ll add you. I’m anti-gun myself, so I’m glad you’re not getting one – but have no real clue as to your wild animals which is why I asked. My mother-in-law keeps chickens for eggs; sometimes she has too many and gives some to us (my hubby doesn’t like eggs because he’s insane, but I love them and she knows I don’t get to eat them often).


      • thank you! Actually I’d never heard of River Cottage but made a recipe from my sister’s book the other day – a bit too much peanut butter but never mind! Our wild animals – mostly kangaroos, wombats, wallabies, etc, but it’s the feral ones that are dangerous to chickens. That’d be foxes, feral cats, wild dogs, maybe wild pigs. I will leave it to my partner to shoot them on the weekend if he so wishes. Much as I like all animals, ferals spell the end of native wildlife as well as chickens, so unfortunately they are non persona grata.

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    • It is exciting, isn’t it! The Far South Coast of NSW is where I’ll be. Not at the seaside, exactly, but about half an hour’s drive away, up in them there hills. And thank you, Steve, for your interest!


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